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حلاوة عود بيق بوب ميقا 64جرام – 8 حبات

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة


know more about the Big Pop Qmix Mega Oud Halawa 64gm*8pcs:

  • If you and your child love lollipops , then this product will be the right choice for you.
  • We offer you a very tasty product, Because of its delicious taste in our store.
  • Make your snack time a real pleasure and enjoy the smooth and rich flavor of this wonderful product while you are having your snack.
  • Visit the Candies section of our online store. Place your order now, and don’t hesitate to buy.

The specifications of the Big Pop Qmix Mega Oud Halawa 64gm*8pcs:

  • Type:Big Pop Qmix Mega Oud Halawa 64gm*8pcs.
  • Flavors: Fruity.
  • weight:64gm.
  • The number of pieces:(8 pieces).
  • The section: candies.

The characteristics of the Big Pop Qmix Mega Oud Halawa 64gm*8pcs:

  • You can count on this lollipop, as it contains less sugar than other candies.
  • You can rely on these lollipops filled with gum, as they will help you improve your mood, reduce stress, increase your concentration, and work as a pain reliever.
  • This lollipop is characterized by its attractive and unique shape and taste.
  • A lollipop is a unique form of sugar candy consisting of hard candy mounted on a stick. Consumers can consume this candy by licking or sucking.
  • We always strive to do our best to offer you a wonderful assortment of products, such as candies and lollipops , and many different sections.
  • Our store sells  Big Pop Qmix Mega Oud Halawa 64gm*8pcs, and a variety of other products.Order now and we will get it to you as soon as possible.


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