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chocolate king stuffed with peanuts 112g

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة

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know more about the King Pralines with peanut butter 112gm:

  • Chocolate is one of the favorite and beloved sweets of all people because it works to spread happiness greatly.

  • Chocolate is also the most popular sweet in the world, due to its delicious and wonderful taste.

  • It is also a dream for all chocolate lovers because it is made of peanut butter full of vitamins and minerals.

  • We offer you from our store, King Chocolate, stuffed with peanuts.

  • Which is one of the best types of chocolate that has a delicious taste.

  • Visit the chocolate section in our store , place your order now and feel free to buy.

  • Filling contents: peanuts.

The characteristics of the King Pralines with peanut butter 112gm:

  • It’s delicious and wonderful taste makes you feel as if you are in another world of beauty.

  • You can also give it as a wonderful gift to friends or colleagues or enjoy it while you are at home.

  • In addition, chocolate can be eaten anywhere, whether you are at school or sitting in the park or on the street.

  • As it is considered one of the most delicious and wonderful foods.

  • because it is rich in benefits for the health of children and also for all ages.

  • It also contains a high percentage of protein, fiber and protein.

  • Great as a healthy snack.

  • One of the great things is that the box contains 36 pcs.

  • It is one of the foods loved by children as well as adults

  • Peanut butter works to help promote physical growth and also promote brain development.


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