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the Crackling game with sweetness

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة


know more about the Crackling game with sweetness

  • There is no doubt that the presence of toys in any home is associated with the presence of children.
  • This is because the presence of children’s games is one of the most important things that many parents resort to
  • In order to bring pleasure to the hearts of your young children.
  • That is why we brought to you today, our valued customers, this entertaining game “Taktika Toy with Sweetness 12 Pieces * 8 Packet”.
  • It may give your child a lot of happiness and pleasure.
  • This is because it contains the distinctive type of candy that all children prefer to eat.
  • You can now get this wonderful game from within our online store, Bayader Al-Yousr.
  • visit the Games with Halawa section to find all that is new and cute to make your little children happy.
  • just visit the Games with Halawa section to find everything new and cute to make your little children happy.


The characteristics of the Crackling game with sweetness

  • This game is distinguished by the presence of more than one color, which gives our children the opportunity to choose among these colors.
  • Also, the presence of a package wrapped for candy, in addition to the possibility of opening and closing it.
  • Gives space for your child not to eat it all at a certain time, so it can be divided into separate times.
  • Also, the most important thing that distinguishes this special game is the combination of two of the most beloved things
  • For your little one’s heart, which are candy and a toy.
  • The type of candy inside this unique game is also considered safe for your child’s health.
  • Because it is made of materials that are not harmful to your children’s health.
  • This game is also characterized by its light weight, which gives space for your child to carry it anywhere.
  • Especially if your child loves to take the game with him wherever he goes.
  • Visit the Games with Halawa section of Our store Place your order now, and don’t hesitate to buy.



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