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A cartoon gaul with 5g sweetness

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة


تعرف على” لعبة قيقل كارتون مع حلاوة 5جم“:

  • لأننا نعلم جيداً بمدى حب الأطفال لوجود الكثير من العاب الاطفال ، And how happy they are to have a new game, Today we brought you this iconic game “5g cartoon giggle * 12 pills * 8 cries.”
  • We all know how much children love dessert, Which is, in a lot of times, a reward for them, If this may cause a lot of anxiety in mothers because they fear for their children’s health from anonymous sweets that may consist of some harmful substances, So our store decided to offer this kind of dessert made from materials that are safe for your child’s health.
  • يمكنكم الآن الحصول على هذه اللعبة المميزة من داخلمتجرناE-Baiader Leisure, Just visit a department. ألعاب مع حلاوة لتجدوا كل ما هو جديد وظريف لإسعاد أطفالكم الصغار.


مميزات اقتناء”لعبة قيقل كارتون مع حلاوة 5جم“:

  • This iconic toy features a lightweight which gives space for your child to carry with him wherever he goes, Especially if your child prefers to take their toys with him wherever he goes.
  • Also, having a pack encapsulated for candy, as well as being able to open and close it, gives space for your child not to eat the amount of candy at a given time. It can be divided into sporadic times.
  • The kind of candy found within this signature toy is also safe for your child’s health because it is made from substances that are not harmful to your children’s health.
  • This game also has more than one color, Which offers the opportunity to choose the colour your little one prefers.
  • If you are a fan of celebrating holidays or partying, you can get a number of this product and distribute it to children in order to promote the principle of giving in our young children.


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