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Flipper Hello Kitty With Sweetness

ر.س7.50 السعر شامل الضريبة

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Meet Me” Hello kitty flipper with 10g sweetness * 24 pills:

  • There’s undoubtedly a lot of candy that all the little ones prefer, If eating too many kinds of sweetness for children can disturb too many parents because of their fear for the health of their children, However, several studies have confirmed that eating candy in general and in specific quantities may not cause any harm to children’s health, as some believe.
  • So our store decided to offer this good kind of “hello kitty flipper with sweetness,” Which is one of the best desserts your pampered baby girl will ever prefer to eat. This is because it is a delicious bead of a generation of colors in the form of this bride who is loved by the hearts of young girls “hello kitty.
  • Now you can get these wonderful packages from inside our store. E-Baiader Leisure, Just visit a department. العاب مع حلاوة لتجدوا كل ما هو جديد وظريف لإسعاد أطفالكم الصغار.

Advantages of acquiring “Hello Kitty Flipper with sweetness:

  • These gorgeous packaging feature delicious kernels from my Hello Kitty generation, Which makes your spoiled child in a state of joy and happiness.
  • They are also characterized by being made of substances that are harmless to the health of your little girl. Which can make you feel safe for your baby girl’s health.
  • These packagings also feature a distinctive interface color, Which is the one who loves the colour of your child’s spoiled heart.
  • These delicious jelly pills are also easy to chew, Which can make the process of eating it easy doesn’t cause inconvenience in your baby girl.
  • These packagings also have the advantage of containing an appropriate quantity of jelly. Which makes it a harmless amount to your little girl’s health.



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