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A game of boxing animals

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة


تعرف على”لعبة حيوانات ملاكمة“:

  • تلك اللعبة المبهجة والتي تعمل علي شد انتباه طفلك المدلل وذلك لأنها تحمل شكل الحيوان مع هذه الرياضة التي يحبها الكثير من الأطفال” لعبة حيوانات ملاكمة ” التي تعد من أكثر العاب اطفال التي يحبها الأطفال ويقدمون على شرائها بصورة مستمرة.
  • يمكنكم الآن الحصول على هذه اللعبة المميزة من داخل متجرنا E-Baiader Leisure, Just visit a department. العاب مع حلاوة لتجدوا كل ما هو جديد وظريف لإسعاد أطفالكم الصغار.


مميزات اقتناء” لعبة حيوانات ملاكمة“:

  • The highlight of this game is having those animals that give your child a chance to choose the animal they love, Which makes him easily and simplistically recognize the names of animals and some of their traits, Plus that endearing sports game for a lot of kids.
  • If you’re afraid of your children’s health from eating desserts on the market, many of which are anonymous, From now on, you can feel safe for the health of your children because this packaging contains a good kind of dessert made from substances that are not harmful to the health of our children.
  • This great game has its lightness and smallness which makes it easy to carry on your baby, Especially if he’s a fan of taking his personal toys with him wherever he goes.
  • You can rely on this game as a kind of gift or reward for your child to promote a correct act that your little one has done.
  • You can also get this bunch of saliva and serve it during the festive celebration, To bring pleasure and joy into the hearts of our children.



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