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Obsession caramel and nuts 128g biscuits

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة


Known as caramel and nuts 128g biscuits:

  • Biscuits are products everyone loves as they are made up of a mix that makes any person feel happy and so are a perfect treat for those looking for sweet and delicious biscuits.
  • If you’re looking for a shop that lets you many products that belong to desserts or crackers from now we’ve come to you with the solution so from our store we offer you caramelised Opcation biscuits and nuts 128g which are some of the sweets that taste great.
  • قم بزيارة قسم كوكيز و بسكويت في متجرنا الإلكتروني قم بالطلب الآن ولا تتردد في الشراء.


Obsession Caramel and Nuts 128G Biscuit Features:

  • محتويات الحشو: الكراميل و المكسرات.
  • Biscuits are perfect to enjoy as a snack or you can also share with your friends and family.
  • Made up of a perfect mix of sweet and salty flavours.
  • Taste, smell and also excellent flavour.
  • Delicious caramel and nuts flavour.
  • This biscuit takes you to another world of beauty.
  • It’s also a great snack on any occasion as well as one that can be enjoyed at any time.
  • They can be enjoyed for breakfast or at lunchtime or you can eat them at any time.
  • It can be given as a great gift to your friends and everyone you love to be gifted by this wonderful packaging.
  • The biscuits have the advantage of being very fresh and crispy.
  • It makes you feel fun eating because of its wonderful ingredients.
  • You can eat biscuits anywhere whether you’re at work, in the garden or at home and also can be eaten during your free time.
  • We always strive to do all we can to offer you a great assortment of products like biscuits, cookies and so many different sections.

You can order an Obsession caramel biscuit, 128g nuts * 27 cries and many other products across our store. Order now we get you at full speed.



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