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Jump bear game with sweetness

ر.س5.75 السعر شامل الضريبة


know more about the Jumping Bear is a game with sweetness

  • We know how much children love to eat sweets.
  • Which is in many times a reward for them, although this may cause a lot of anxiety among mothers.
  • Because of their fear for the health of their children from the types of sweets of unknown origin.
  • And if we are going to talk about the happiness of our children, and what may bring them happiness and pleasure.
  • Then we must mention the toys, which are one of the most important means of explanation and innovation for children.
  • Which is tantamount to their exit from their private world to our large society.
  • Therefore, our store decided to present this special game that combines two of the most important things for our children.
  • Which are sweets and the presence of this special game, which allows you to approach your child.
  • Therefore, our store decided to combine two important things for children, which are sweetness and play, within this group of games.
  • just visit the Games with Halawa section to find everything new and cute to make your little children happy.


The characteristics of the Jumping Bear is a game with sweetness

  • If your little one likes to get out of his house with some of his toys.
  • Which may cause you a lot of inconvenience.We could avoid that with this practical, lightweight toy.
  • Also, the presence of a package wrapped for candy, in addition to the possibility of opening and closing it.
  • Gives space not to eat the amount of candy at a certain time. It can be divided into different times.
  • This cute bear, which is the content of this game, is also characterized by the ability to move it very easily.
  • To give us a cute bear jump that will attract your little one’s attention.
  • But if you are a fan of celebrating holidays or holding parties.
  • you can get a number of this product and distribute it to children.
  • This is to reinforce the principle of giving to our young children.
  • Visit the Games with Halawa section of Our store. Place your order now, and don’t hesitate to buy.



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