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Bon choco marshmallow stuffed chocolate pie topped with chocolate – 10 pills

ر.س11.50 السعر شامل الضريبة


know more about the Bon Choco big 260g * 10pcs:

  • These delicious Bon Choco are easy to chew.
  • Which may make the process of eating them easy and not causing disturbance to your little one.
  • Also, the presence of more than one piece inside this wonderful practical box gives your child the opportunity to share.
  • Which gives us to strengthen the principle of giving in our children.
  • You can now get this wonderful package of Bon Choco from within our online store, Bayader Al-Yousr.
  • This distinctive type of biscuits with natural materials,Which is one of the best types of chocolates loved by children.
  • just visit the biscuits and cookiessection to find everything new and cute to make your little children happy.

The characteristics of the Bon Choco big 260g * 10pcs:

  • We know how much children love to eat chocolates.
  • And if we are going to talk about the happiness of our children, and what may bring them happiness and pleasure.
  • Then we must mention Bon Choco , which is so important for children because it makes them so happy.
  • There is no dispute that there are many types of biscuits that are preferred to be eaten by both large and small.
  • It is one of the most popular types of children’s biscuits that many children accept.
  • This soft cookie with sweet chocolate cream filling makes it a delicious snack for you.
  • Marshmallow coated with melted chocolate on a vanilla sandwich cake.
  • Visit the biscuits and cookies section of Our store Place your order now, and don’t hesitate to buy.



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